Adani coalmine: Siemens won't quit contract

As Australia’s bush fires burn, so does anger there over global warming.

On Friday (January 10), thousands took to the streets of its cities to protest.

While on Monday (January 13), the latest to feel the heat was Siemens.

The German engineering company – facing protests back home – has nonetheless decided to go ahead

With its support of a controversial mining project in the Australian outback.

That despite pleas from Greta Thunberg and other environmentalists not to.

Like German climate activist Luisa Neubauer.


“That’s unacceptable, Siemens can’t do that, especially as a company which always emphasises how important the climate is to them and how much they want to be responsible.”

Neubauer was speaking ahead of the Siemens decision.

CEO Joe Kaeser said on Friday (January 10) he would listen to concerns.

But just a few days later, was saying Siemens must as a supplier – in this case of rail tech – stick to contractual commitments.

The project – led by Indian conglomerate Adani – has been mired in controversy.

Since even before Australia gave it the green light last year …

Bondi Beach was one of 45 ‘Stop Adani’ protest locations in October 2017.

For Siemens, February 5th 2020 could now be a key date over the issue.

That’s when it holds its AGM – when it could face a shareholder backlash.

Siemens is kidding itself, one environmentalist told Reuters, if it thinks its decision will end the matter.

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