Bridesmaid gives alpaca-loving bride a fuzzy surprise on her wedding day

Vanessa Klisowsky was all set for her wedding day, an occasion she called joyous and laid back. Her and her fiance Mieko Klisowsky were getting married on August 10.Just when she thought it couldn't get any better, it did. Klisowsky loves alpacas, a fondness that has been with her for years. The bridal party was taking pictures when Chewy the alpaca walked up with his owner. Klisowsky cried."It just made me feel so loved that these people that surround me would do that for me and go to such measures to make me happy and make me smile," she said."It meant so much and now we'll always have pictures that are unique and memorable."One of her bridesmaids had arranged the surprise. Chewy's owner Josef Buttigieg used to teach some of the women biology in university. Chewy lives at Fenek Farms, which Buttigieg runs, just outside Regina. Buttigieg said the reaction was priceless. "I could literally swear that her jaw hit the ground," he said."She just started crying and tearing up … It was, I thought, the best gift that a bridesmaid could set up for a bride."Buttigieg brings some of his animals around to folks around the city who may not be able to make it out to the farm. He also teaches people about the animals. No trailer is needed to transport Chewy. He simply hops into the back seat. Klisowsky was definitely overcome with emotion at the surprise, so much so that she and her new husband already have a joke about it. "He makes the joke that I cried more when I saw the alpaca than when I saw him," she said.

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