Calgary's public schools to see bigger classrooms and fewer resources this fall

A new budget approved by Calgary Board of Education trustees means Calgary's public schools will see increased transportation fees, larger classrooms and fewer classroom resources this fall.The CBE approved its $1.4-billion budget less than a week after Alberta Education Minister Adriana LaGrange threatened to fire the board's current trustees in November if they did not implement a ministerial order in time.LaGrange's threat was levelled despite the fact that an audit, conducted by Grant Thornton, did not find any evidence of "reckless" misspending, as the education minister charged at the time.The new budget will support more than 128,000 students in almost 250 schools, including three set to open during the next school year, the CBE said.But the next school year will also see increased transportation fees, classrooms grow by around two students and some programs eliminated or consolidated. Though Alberta Education has provided an additional $20-million in funding, board chair Marilyn Dennis said the CBE would need another $48-million to provide the same level of service as last year."We approved a balanced budget, and we've adjusted our services to fit within the funding we received," Dennis said.Special education programsThe cuts will also affect special education programs, the CBE said, something that has left at least one parent worried about their child's future.Roslyn Peters has a seven-year-old son with developmental delays. His program is being merged with other developmental programs to save money."I'm worried that perhaps whatever class he's in will be too advanced for him," Peters said. "[I'm worried he won't] get the support he needs in order to develop skills, because he's learning daily living skills."The CBE said that should any further budgetary concerns be raised due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, they will adjust their budget accordingly. The budget will now be submitted to Alberta Education prior to the May 31 deadline.

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