Food hamper program desperate for donated storage space in Calgary, Airdrie

An organization that helps feed thousands of people in Calgary and its surrounding areas is desperate for a donated storage space. The Reaching Families Program provides food hampers to anyone in need and at-risk populations. Since the pandemic hit, its demand tripled to more than 10,000 people. The organization currently stores most of its supply at a shared warehouse in Calgary. However, it'll have to pack up by the end of the month when that space will no longer be available. It's now searching for a generous donation of 3,000 to 10,000 square feet of storage space in Calgary, Airdrie or anywhere in between."We have no where to go," said Charlotte Gilmer, communications and fundraising coordinator. "A lot of people are going to go hungry. We'd have to turn families away."Donor neededGilmer said she sought out schools, churches, colleges and other opportunities — but nothing has turned up yet.She said donors can benefit from partnering up with a charity. "A corporation that owns, let's say multiple businesses, they can benefit greatly from the tax incentives that we can offer as a registered charity by partnering with us. We can offer tax receipts. We're hoping that we find out there somewhere the miraculous donor, our angel to help us with our situation," she said.Gilmer is hopeful someone will reach out before the end of the month. Anyone who can help is being asked to contact Reaching Families through its webpage.

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