'I don't keep quiet': Passenger wants face-to-face apology for racist remarks aboard flight

A woman who was subjected to racist remarks by two men aboard a flight this week says she will accept only an in-person apology from them."If they can say hurtful words in front of my face, my father's face — if they can say hurtful words in our face they certainly can apologize in person," Miriam Lidd told CBC Radio's Labrador Morning on Friday.Dave Beck and Thomas Scott, two men flying from Happy Valley-Goose Bay to St. John's on Monday after working as labourers in Churchill Falls, made racist comments about Indigenous people during a flight. Their statements were recorded by other passengers and circulated over social media. Lidd was seated across the aisle from the men.Alcohol no excuse, says LiddOn Thursday, the two men apologized in an interview with CBC News and said they were intoxicated but not racists.Lidd said that she doesn't accept that."I believe true colours come out when you are intoxicated," she said. "If they think they're gonna apologize and just move on, it's not that easy."Lidd said she doesn't plan to stop speaking about what happened on the flight."If anybody knows me they know I can talk about whatever. And I don't keep quiet," she said. "My father always told me I had a voice, so I'm using it."Read more from CBC Newfoundland and Labrador

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