Seal stranded on slipway in Cape Broyle

A Cape Broyle man says he's concerned about a seal that's been stranded on a slipway near the government wharf in the town since Monday.Andrew O'Brien says he has been checking on the seal nearly every day, but it has moved only a few feet."I thought he might go back in the water again, but then when I checked the next morning, he was still there," he said."My knowledge of seals is when they come ashore like that on slipways, they leave after a while, but he was still there. That brought me to keep an eye on him." > It's like you went to a barber and got him to cut your hair off on one side. \- Andrew O'BrienO'Brien said while the seal is "plump-looking" and doesn't seem to have any injuries, it does appear to be missing a patch of fur on one side."Most of him is covered with what I'd consider fur … but on the other side, it's like you went to a barber and got him to cut your hair off on one side and left the other side alone," he said."Maybe he's back on the wharf because he doesn't want to go back into the cold water because it's taking too much energy out of him."It's unusual for a seal that appears relatively healthy to stay on shore for so long, O'Brien said."I think this seal, his problem is unique. It's not that he's thin or sick or after being broken up or something — part of him is exposed to the temperatures and the rest of him then is fine," he said."It's like going out with no shirt on or something in the cold weather.… With a seal, he's got to go the water to feed. If the water's really affecting him on that side, he's got a dilemma then."O'Brien said he phoned the Department of Fisheries and Oceans on Thursday and Friday, but no one was able to give him any more information.CBC News has also asked DFO for comment but has yet to receive a response.O'Brien said he hopes a solution can be found soon to make sure the seal is healthy and get it safely back into the water.Read more from CBC Newfoundland and Labrador

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