Tornado flings trampoline through neighbourhood on Vancouver Island

A small tornado sent a trampoline flying down the block when it touched down in a yard in Saanich, B.C., north of Victoria on Thursday.Environment Canada has confirmed that a weak tornado briefly formed in the residential neighbourhood on McBriar Avenue in the afternoon. Video shows the funnel cloud forming and touching down just long enough to fling the trampoline into the air.Neighbour Erin Fletcher told CBC News she was looking out her window when she saw sand flying into the sky, which she thought was "a little weird.""I look over and I see a trampoline flying," she said. "I couldn't believe my eyes."She says the trampoline was lifted the height of three or four houses, then flew across at least four properties before it landed at the top of the street. No one was injured.Environment Canada meteorologist Armel Castellan was on the scene of the tornado Thursday evening, and said it appears the trampoline travelled more than 100 metres from where it began.He told All Points West host Kathryn Marlow that it seems the funnel formed for a very short period of time, unlike the more powerful tornadoes seen on the Prairies that can travel long distances.Watch: Funnel picks up trampoline in SquamishThough tornadoes are not common on Vancouver Island, Castellan said they sometimes form in the spring and fall, and he is "very jealous" of anyone who got to see this one.Environment Canada is now hoping to hear from any other witnesses, especially those who might have more video of the event.

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