Why these Islanders are embracing baking during COVID-19

As Islanders are staying home to help limit the spread of COVID-19, many are looking for a new ways to pass the time — and a lot of them have started looking in the kitchen.Some Island kitchens are busier than ever with people baking bread, cakes, cookies, muffins and more.And there are several cooks in the kitchen — from amateur to professional bakers.Andrea Clark lives just outside Kensington, P.E.I. She said she comes from "a big family" and has a lot of siblings but hasn't been able to see them because of COVID-19."That is very rare because we are all very close," she said. "I haven't really gone more than a week without seeing them."Clark said she likes to bake, so she came up with the idea of baking cakes and writing messages on them for her siblings. She said she then drops them off at their doorsteps.The cakes say "I miss you," Clark said."I just love to bake and I thought I would do something nice for them and let them know how I'm feeling."Clark said when her family members get the cakes they love the gesture."They love sweets so they were very excited to get something home cooked."Some Islanders are also hoping to inspire others to give baking a try.Glenda Landry is a professional baker who is offering to help Islanders learn how to bake bread."I make bread all the time so I am just passing along my skill," she said.Typically, Landry invites people to her home or visits them to teach them how to cook and bake, but now she's hoping to teach people online."I've already had three or four people who want to join in the class so we will pour some wine and we'll make bread on Facebook," she said.Landry said she has never taught anyone to cook through Facebook and she doesn't know "how exactly it is going to go.""With bread you have to be able to feel it. I need to be able to feel it to see if the texture is correct," she said. "But anyway we will give it a go, you know, what could happen?"Landry said it may take her some time to get the technology going, but she said anyone who is interested about learning to bake bread online should keep an eye on her Facebook page next week."Everybody is at home looking for a new activity and a lot of these people are interested but they never had the time to actually sit down and and figure out how to make bread," she said.Landry said while people are stuck at home because of the global pandemic it may be a good time to pick up baking as a skill."I would love to be able to help families in these times learn the wonderful skill of cooking a family meal and feeding your family," she said.Check out some more Island baking below:COVID-19: What you need to knowWhat are the symptoms of COVID-19?Common symptoms include: * Fever. * Cough. * Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly. * Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. * Clean regularly touched surfaces regularly.More detailed information on the outbreak is available on the federal government's website.More COVID-19 stories from CBC P.E.I.

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